How Oxygen Therapy Works

The therapeutic use of oxygen has been administered in hospitals for over 150 years, both as a therapy treatment and most commonly, by increasing the amount of oxygen gas delivered in inhaled air.

Today, the many forms of oxygen therapy introduce substances into the body that are supposed to release oxygen. Advocates to oxygen therapy believe the extra oxygen can increase the body's ability to destroy disease-causing cells.(1)

Types of Oxygen Therapy Available

"Oxygen therapy (as in hyperbaric oxygen therapy) is the best kept secret in American Medicine."
     Dr. William Maxfield from his Newsmax article.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves the use of pressurized oxygen gas, inside a sealed chamber which helps oxygen to access cellular tissues it could otherwise not reach. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is used in many life threatening situations such as; severe poisoning, like cyanide and carbon monoxide, Hazmat professionals after handling a toxic spill, burn victims, and decompression sickness.

It is the last line of defense in wound care centers!

Unfortunately, this is an expensive therapy; the average U.S. hospital charges $1,800.00 per 90 minute HBOT.

There are many other health complications that could benefit from this therapy, but are not covered by insurance.

Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide are two of the most common oxygen therapies but there is still some debate as to the efficacy and safety of these chemicals. Some alternative therapy centers are promoting these in treating certain types of cancers, autism, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, emphysema, asthma, heart and vascular diseases and Alzheimer's disease.(1)

The practitioners of these complimentary and alternative therapies also believe that creating an oxygen rich environment will increase the efficiency of all cells in the body and therefore increase energy, promote the production of antioxidants and stimulate the immune system.

Conditions That Might Benefit From Oxygen Therapy

• Brain Damage both Traumatic and for other reasons
• Idling neurons (neurons that are alive but dormant for years)
• Strokes, Comas, Auto injuries, Sports injuries, falls, violence
• High Altitude Sickness
• Scuba Diving
• Athletic exhaustion and Extreme Sport Athletes
• Occupational demands for physical performance (Firemen, Paramedics)
• Endurance work, night shift work (Pilots, truck drivers, nurses,   Surgeons,   Trauma Care Workers)
• Seizures, Chronic Vertigo, Cerebral Palsy, Sciatica, Parkinson’s, Lyme   Disease, Alzheimer’s, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Autism,   Sleep Apnea, Asthma, Jet Lag
• Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
• Chemo Brain
• Multiple Sclerosis (including better bladder control)
• Paraplegia (after spinal cord injury causing amputation)
• Gangrene, from Diabetic wounds and puncture wounds such as spider   bites
• Mini Strokes (possibly major strokes)
• Used before By-Pass surgery-Less blood loss, decreased injury to the   heart, shortened time for recovery, reduced complications
• Poor indoor air quality like airplanes, hi-rise buildings unable to open   windows, moldy older dwellings

Based on these practices and beliefs, supplemental oxygen products have become a fast growing item within the nutritional supplement market.

We all realize our biological need for oxygen, but understanding the differences between 'good and bad oxygen' (aka ROS, Reactive Oxygen Species, Free Radical Oxygen, and Oxidative Stress), especially with regard to the safety of supplemental oxygen products, is crucial for making the correct choice.

Toxic agents, air pollution, disease and tissue injury are a few the causes of oxidative stress.

From the bio-medical field, there are many papers suggesting over 100 human diseases are associated with oxidative stress.(4)

The Pros and Cons to Oxygen Supplements

Oxidative stress is due to the production of excess Reactive Oxygen Species (aka Free Radicals) and an imbalance of dietary-derived antioxidants. Severe oxidative stress can cause cell damage and death and result in damage to DNA, proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates.

Free radicals may have positive, negative, or zero charge. With some exceptions, the unpaired electrons cause radicals to be highly chemically reactive. Radicals, if allowed to run free in the body, are believed, by some, to be involved in degenerative diseases and cancers.(3)

Interestingly, as the awareness of oxygen radicals continues to raise the danger flag, it should be noted that the diatomic oxygen molecule is itself a free radical since it contains 2 unpaired electrons. However, the electronic arrangement of oxygen makes this molecule as O2, un-reactive. (2,5)

This is really important to understand because supplemental oxygen can be safely used, as long as the type of oxygen delivered is exactly that, O2, without any extra electrons bundled within the product (whether it is in liquid, gas, or dry form).

Caution should be observed in regards to any oxygen (O2) and direct contact with the eyes. For example, special care is giving to protect the eyes of premmie babies so as not to cause blindness if they receive O2 gas in the incubator. These tissues are too delicate to be in contact with a supplemental oxygen.

Back to why chemicals like Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide have been criticized, this is because of the potential for by-products and free radicals to occur.

In every liquid oxygen product, including food grade peroxide, it requires a chlorine or sodium chloride added to keep the oxygen stable in a liquid form.

These will bio-degrade into Dioxin, the most carcinogenic chemical known to man.

This is not the case in a stabilized dry formula.

"The clinical use of Opaline® Dry Oxy™ capsules as a therapy to remove oxidative stress scavengers not only signals a new form of therapy, but gave us a better understanding of the mechanisms of many cellular toxicological reactions involving depleted oxygen within the cell membrane or its organelles."

     ~ Dr. Hildegarde Staninger

Toxicologist, Dr. Staninger states Opaline® Dry Oxy™ capsules make only oxygen (O2) and water in the body and did not have any cellular death through bio-transformation reactions to any of the individuals tested. ALL individuals benefited from the extra presence of O2 in counter acting the bio-activation of intermediates.

Dry stabilized oxygen, as manufactured by OPALINE® DRY OXY™ is available both topically and orally for everyone to address problems which have sometimes been considered untreatable or incurable.

Opaline® Dry Oxy contains no halogens, (chlorine, fluorine, bromine, iodine, astatine) chlorite, sodium chloride, sodium dioxide, or PVP (polyvinylpyrilidone) which is a plastic nano particle, many of which other Oxygen Supplements might contain.

This is crucial to look for in a product, as discussed earlier in the article about the inner workings of chemical and electron exchanges within our body when any substance is introduced.

Many lower quality products, not just an oxygen supplement, but all nutritional supplements, can be causing more harm.

Once the bio-chemical exchange has broken down the original supplemental product, there is the potential for free radicals or other by-products to be created.

Short of becoming a bio-chemist like the father in the true event movie, "Lorenzo's Oil" in today's toxic world demands we are informed and allowed to pursue the right path to healing and recovery for each individual who so chooses.

Click on Opaline® Dry Oxy to read more details on all their products.

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The Cancer killing power of Lemons.

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The discoloration is fading and anything that is raised is peeling off!

Finding supplements that are created from our 'food matrix' or are plant-based is better than isolates from a lab.

Eat an orange with that Vitamin C you just popped to ensure all the components are there for your body's needs.

Look into the product, Camu Camu or Royal Camu. It is proving to be the highest source of food matirx based vitamin C of all other fruits or berries.

For those individuals that need a sulfur supplement, we recommend seeking food sources.

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