Far Infrared Home Sauna

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The Ultimate Far-Infrared Experience

Far Infrared Sauna

Although it appears to be an ordinary far infrared sauna, our Far Infrared Sauna uses Active Carbon Fibers™ covering most of the interior of the sauna and are specially engineered to contain the largest infrared sauna heater surface area in the industry.

Active Carbon Fibers™ have up to a 20-times-larger surface area of radiant heat than other infrared heaters that are commonly used in infrared saunas to provide you with the most advanced far-infrared experience on the market today.

There is almost zero convection heat and no harmful EMF levels.

You will be amazed at how our sauna makes you feel so comfortable and re-vitalized when you experience the infra red sauna benefits of our Far-infrared sauna. MPS Global far infrared is different from other far-infrared heaters, which commonly use linear heating coils embedded within thermally conductive materials such as ceramic.

Our pure Far-infrared heat generated by Active Carbon Fibers™ delivers ultimate soothing warmth throughout your entire body. Each heat panel emits bio-genetic waves of far-infrared across most of the internal surface. It feels soft, relaxing, pleasant, and refreshing.

With the purest form of Far Infrared heat, individuals who are usually heat intolerant can safely use our sauna to help stimulate their body's innate healing response.

  • 6 Active Carbon Diamond Fiber panels surround you.
  • The fir wood cabin is now made in the US and we do not use stains to prevent out-gassing.
  • Increases extensibility of collagen tissue. Use of far-infrared heat causes muscles to stretch more than saunas with regular heat.
  • Decreases joint stiffness. (There is a 20% decrease in rheumatoid finger joint stiffness at 112 degrees F as compared to 92 degrees F, which correlates perfectly to both subjective and objective observation of stiffness.)
  • Environmental Toxin Overload – chemicals and toxins that have a lower melting point than the heat generated by the far-infrared will become dislodged and be flushed.
  • Coronary Artery Disease, Arteriosclerosis, and Hypertension have been reduced due to regular dilation and contraction after exposure to far-infrared therapy.
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Far Infrared Sauna  NEW DESIGN 40” D x 72” W x 72” H $3900.00 + $679.95 US shpg

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MPS Global has also created a 1 person sauna to make their technology more easily available for an individual.

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     Far Infrared Sauna

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Healing Tips

Cleaning With Tea Tree Oil

One of our favorite non-toxic cleaning solutions is to mix 20-30 drops of Tea Tree Oil into 6 oz of water.

Put it in a spray bottle and use everywhere; kitchens, bathrooms, floors, spot cleaning, etc.

The Cancer killing power of Lemons.

Researchers are discovering some amazing facts about lemons and how the properties found in lemons are killing cancer cells in the lab.

When I read this, I decided to start adding lemon in my water for alkalizing my system and then rubbing the pulp on sun damage spots on my face, chest, and hands.

The discoloration is fading and anything that is raised is peeling off!

Finding supplements that are created from our 'food matrix' or are plant-based is better than isolates from a lab.

Eat an orange with that Vitamin C you just popped to ensure all the components are there for your body's needs.

Look into the product, Camu Camu or Royal Camu. It is proving to be the highest source of food matirx based vitamin C of all other fruits or berries.

For those individuals that need a sulfur supplement, we recommend seeking food sources.

Taking 1 Tblsp of Black Strap Molasses for 10 days will help re-build your deficiency.

Other food sources are kale, cabbage, cauliflower, horseradish, cranberries, meat, fish, egg yolks, onion, and garlic.

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