Morgellons Symptoms: Body Bugs

The body bug phenomenon is probably one of the creepiest categories in the Morgellons symptoms.

The internet is full of reports that range from voracious bed bug infestations, skin parasites, bird mites, super scabies, spiders, nematodes, rotifers...body bugs that defy all normal science and description.

A specimens have be sent for analysis and come back as 'unidentifiable', or a piece of fiber, non-biological in composition.

Some folks are reporting flies, worms, and various parasite-types that somehow hatch and/or are living under the skin and the internet is full of sample specimens documenting these cases.

In this audio interview, I speak with Sungazer, who tells how he discovered the nematode infection which was a significant part of the health challenge he presented.

Trisha Springstead, a registered nurse and member of our team, shared a video from Fox Television in Florida that featured her work several years ago. The video finally was taken down, but the story was like this...

For many folks, they can not track their first encounter or exposure and, according to Trisha Springstead, there can be an 'incubation' period of more than 10 years before the more prominent symptoms like lesions appear.

Strange skin conditions can span over years; morphing with characteristics which take on another level of contamination/infestation.

It appears that with each cycle of development, there is another layer of stress toxicity, that for many, manifests into a phase of some type of super bug. As we gathered these stories from our readers, they ranged from weird shaped or brightly neon colored, to looking rather normal but behaving completely uncharacteristic of the bug species they appeared to be.

The point of this article is to share some stories with the new readers and hopefully provide a certain level of comfort to what is by far one of the most emotionally damaging up and coming diseases of the 21st Century.

Why Are Bugs More Attracted To Me Than Ever Before?

Trisha offers a very reasonable explanation to this common scenario... for many sufferers it is almost like they are a bug magnet, attracting bugs where ever they go. Reports of being swarmed, or the flies and ants that only bother them at a group gathering.

We have to go into the science and learn about our internal bio-terrain. To state this simply, ever time we come into contact with a pollutant of any kind, especially poor food and water sources, this changes the natural balance of our physical body's environment.

During our life time we collect a 'body burden' of toxins that effect and literally change our system. We are naturally hosting billions of bacteria, as well as needing a proper exchange between microzymas, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, proteins, etc. As our system is pulled out of balance, these different mechanisms stop working to keep our system clean and immune system healthy.

The bacteria that already exist naturally within us, start to morph and collect into larger colonies that then support them as a more complex life form. From there, they become opportunistic and begin breaking our environment down further into one that is more sustainable to their needs. A signal goes out to invite yeast, mold, and biofilms to join. This signal is also heard throughout the insect world that 'this host' is a good home!

As far as the insects are concerned, they were literally invited in to do their job...feed off the decaying matter accumulating with our tissues!

Here are a couple of stories from the community afflicted with this kind of body bug phase. They outline several common vectors and hopefully provide some insight for prevention...we have changed the names at their request.

1. Used furniture...Sally

I was perfectly fine until one day I purchased a piece of furniture (a bed stand) at a garage sale. After 10 days of having it in my room, I noticed a strange tiny spider on my wall. I thought it was a bedbug, so I took out the drawers and cleaned it very well. I noticed the bed stand had been refurbished and there were some feathers and bird stool inside! Apparently, it had been stored somewhere and served as home to some birds for a while. I had cleaned the outside and the drawers upon purchase, but did not look inside by taking out the drawers until then.

I poured boiling water and I saw some of those spiders rush out of the wood... an infestation inside that piece of furniture. I have no idea what they were, but they were very aggressive and burrowed under my skin AND were able to burrow under the wood. Incredibly SCARY stuff. This started it all. I had thought they were bird mites, but they were not microscopic.. they were visible to the naked eye. To this day I still wonder what they were. Someone at told me I could get samples by putting a pan with steaming hot water. I did, and one of the spiders got caught in there. Still, no idea what they were.

I got rid of the bed stand right away, and I could feel the spiders inside me (they would prickle, especially my scalp and ears). Went to the ER and other doctors, and nobody believed me. I took a sample to an entomologist, and the spider came back as "baby spider" not bird mite, and not any specific type of spider... and I also sent him other stuff (black specks and larvae-like specimens) which came back as "unidentified".

That exterminator told me that a lot of people would just bring pieces of tape with debris, and they would come back as "just tape" or "debris". Mine came back as unidentified organism. Looks like there's lots of people around suffering from these black specks.

After getting rid of the bed stand, I put boric acid all over my place, and I began seeing dead spiders in one corner of my room. That just about finished them. But once they were all gone, I began with the black specks, fibers, and even saw spiders made out of fiber that would move and jump, and they would all have similar shapes.

Another reader told of purchasing a house that was fully furnished. It was only a short time later that her family was experiencing invisible biting, stinging problems that have now culminated into the full array of Morgellons symptoms.

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