Is Morgellons Contagious? Yes

This answer gets its most of it's research credibility from the trenches. The "trenches" is that place where so many people suffering from this once unknown, slow-healing skin disorder aka Morgellons, are raising their voice asking for help AND answers.

According to about 1/3 the readers communicating with us at the Healing Grapevine, they either caught 'something' from a friend, bed bugs or scabies in a hotel room, a family member with an itchy strange rash, or even the garden.

Sometimes it is a story about a hard to kill parasite like scabies, mites, or head lice. The details from these stories help tip us off that these are not ordinary bugs and then it becomes 100% sci-fi in the telling.

"Floating fibers that come out of nowhere, super tiny spiders that come out of used furniture, invisible swarming mites that many call bird mites" (but absolutely are not) - these appear to burrow in the skin, or land on the face and 'crawl' into an orifice.

Or there are the things that come out of the skin...hundreds of different descriptions of fibers, plastic-bits of material, frankenstein variations of bugs and worms, or the microscopic world of fungi, bacteria, and viruses that are also showing up under the diligent reporting of the Morgellons community.

The entire biological weaponized warfare arena brings out reports on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) applied to create weaponized-bacteria and stealth viruses, or even the health issues also known as the "Gulf War Syndrome" opens avenues of research for more consideration as to what this disease really is and whether or not it is contagious.

One reader purchased a house, fully furnished at a really good price and within a few months was being bitten and 'attacked' by something she couldn't see.
That was just the beginning of her battle.

There are the stories of having a 'green exterminator' that was using GMO nematodes to treat the lawn as an alternative to chemicals or the gardener that winds up digging in the wrong place and disturbing some kind of agri-bacterium that started the skin rash and later led to full blown Morgellons symptoms.

The growing list of potential bug vectors has literally caused an enormous amount of fear for those who categorize themselves within the body bug phenomenon. For these individuals, they definitely experience the transference or 'contagious' effects of this disease.

Another aspect that complicates tracking the source of Morgellons and effectively identifying it as "Yes or No, it is contagious", is the morphing stages of the symptoms and the hundreds of variations to the details.

It's not just about skin problems. For some it has neurological consequences, digestive problems, lungs that feel like they are filling with some kind of fiberous material, hair loss or the growth of non-hair, they see tons of floaters in their eyes, their ears ring or seem to catch high pitched signals, they feel an increase in skin crawling sensations when they are near electronics, their car now grows fibers and webs like their skin... and for many, their pets are affected as well.

So is Morgellons contagious?

Just in the last year, it has become really clear as the internet swells with these stories, that the more we know, the less we understand. Questions like "Where did this come from?", "How do we treat it?", "Who really has it?", "How did they get rid of it and how come it didn't work for me?" makes this particular health hazard one to sit up and take seriously.

We can no longer push off the hundreds of thousands of reports being shared around the world but we must also be careful of the mis-information and dis-information that is being circulated about diseases like Morgellons.

Please develop your sense of inner guidance quickly, because even the nice man you call your doctor may inadvertently be adding to the toxic factors that make you ripe for a chronically-toxic condition like Morgellons.

We want to personally thank the growing number of folks who are standing up and demanding attention as well as answers.

It will take unifying our efforts and pooling our information on safe and non-toxic alternatives to treating diseases, handling our toxic environment, and moving out of our processed food nation (all of which have played a significant role in manifesting this disease) to not only recover today, but stay healthy for tomorrow.


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Healing Tips

Cleaning With Tea Tree Oil

One of our favorite non-toxic cleaning solutions is to mix 20-30 drops of Tea Tree Oil into 6 oz of water.

Put it in a spray bottle and use everywhere; kitchens, bathrooms, floors, spot cleaning, etc.

The Cancer killing power of Lemons.

Researchers are discovering some amazing facts about lemons and how the properties found in lemons are killing cancer cells in the lab.

When I read this, I decided to start adding lemon in my water for alkalizing my system and then rubbing the pulp on sun damage spots on my face, chest, and hands.

The discoloration is fading and anything that is raised is peeling off!

Finding supplements that are created from our 'food matrix' or are plant-based is better than isolates from a lab.

Eat an orange with that Vitamin C you just popped to ensure all the components are there for your body's needs.

Look into the product, Camu Camu or Royal Camu. It is proving to be the highest source of food matirx based vitamin C of all other fruits or berries.

For those individuals that need a sulfur supplement, we recommend seeking food sources.

Taking 1 Tblsp of Black Strap Molasses for 10 days will help re-build your deficiency.

Other food sources are kale, cabbage, cauliflower, horseradish, cranberries, meat, fish, egg yolks, onion, and garlic.

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