Is Morgellons Contagious?

Despite the popular belief of many individuals who are suffering from Morgellons and say, "Yes, it is contagious", there are many health care professionals and scientists with evidence specifically outlining the hyper-toxic conditions within our bodies as the true culprit and most significant factor to this disease.

For these professionals, and our team at the Healing Grapevine, this is a disease directly affected by the poisons and toxins in our environment. We are not talking about the typical forms of pollution and chemical hazards; we are lifting the veil on industrialized food, nano-medicines, geo-engineering aka chem-trails, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Most importantly to note, this issue is far more reaching as a health hazard for everyone living on planet Earth today than any other pathogen or previous pandemic ever was.

When we first published this article in the spring of 2010, the answer we reported was NO, it is not contagious and it created quite a stir of concern and feedback.

Since then, we have more scientific researchers reporting evidence that continues to support this theory. We must think out the box, without fear, about what Morgellons really is because it does not follow any of the biological rules our medical community has ever encountered before.

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According to toxicologist, Dr. Staninger, her findings over the last 5 years prove - no, it is not.

From her clinical findings, there is not a specific pathogen associated with Morgellons to 'catch' more.

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According to about 1/3 the readers communicating with us at the Healing Grapevine, they either caught 'something' from a friend, bed bugs or scabies in a hotel room, a family member with an itchy strange rash, or even the more.

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Healing Tips

Cleaning With Tea Tree Oil

One of our favorite non-toxic cleaning solutions is to mix 20-30 drops of Tea Tree Oil into 6 oz of water.

Put it in a spray bottle and use everywhere; kitchens, bathrooms, floors, spot cleaning, etc.

The Cancer killing power of Lemons.

Researchers are discovering some amazing facts about lemons and how the properties found in lemons are killing cancer cells in the lab.

When I read this, I decided to start adding lemon in my water for alkalizing my system and then rubbing the pulp on sun damage spots on my face, chest, and hands.

The discoloration is fading and anything that is raised is peeling off!

Finding supplements that are created from our 'food matrix' or are plant-based is better than isolates from a lab.

Eat an orange with that Vitamin C you just popped to ensure all the components are there for your body's needs.

Look into the product, Camu Camu or Royal Camu. It is proving to be the highest source of food matirx based vitamin C of all other fruits or berries.

For those individuals that need a sulfur supplement, we recommend seeking food sources.

Taking 1 Tblsp of Black Strap Molasses for 10 days will help re-build your deficiency.

Other food sources are kale, cabbage, cauliflower, horseradish, cranberries, meat, fish, egg yolks, onion, and garlic.

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