Geoengineering, Aerial Spraying, and Chemtrails

This picture is taking with my phone in Phoenix AZ. These were literally drawn across the sky by jet planes over the course of the day.

It took several hours for them to develop; at first they all started out as the thin 'contrail' lines we are told they are by the government, but over time they 'opened up' to take on this wispy effect you can see in the background.

By the end of the day, these quilted lines have expanded across the sky to create a cloudy haze.

Many folks still question, is there any truth to the idea of chemtrails and weather modification strategies?

If you really want some answers, you will have to do some homework, and sky watching is one of the assignments. Because there is very little cloud cover in AZ, we have a great chalk board to watch the evidence reveal itself.

Contrails need specific conditions in order to form. They are only present at 30,000 feet or above and at temperatures below -38C.

With that in mind, there are many days in the deserts of Arizona, where it is impossible for these contrails to form, let alone linger throughout the day, in the lower atmosphere...and yet there they are.

Now, go Google ‘Chemtrails’ and notice you will get a very different list of references and articles than if you Google the term ‘Geoengineering’.

Wikipedia is the first listing for both terms. Under chemtrails, it states that chemtrails are a conspiracy theory. It reads right in the description as soon as it pops up, you don't even have to click through to have that idea planted.

Most folks will stop right there; happy with that answer so they can return to the more important things in life…like how to get over the latest sinus infection or making sure to re-fill the prescription for the children’s asthma medicine.

(In today's toxic world, it is our ignorance that will continue to support the demise of our health. FYI: Asthma in children has more than double since the 1980's.)

Under the term geoengineering, Wiki defines this as a concept of being able to manipulate our planet’s climate. It also states there are no large-scale projects being undertaken at this time.

However, the skies are telling a very different story and so are the Congressional sub-committee meetings and policy making bills that most of us are not invited to attend.

Remember, some of our original HGV team members were afflicted with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (aka Morgellons) after moving to AZ. We had an ARS energy field analysis test. This is a non-diagnostic tool used to track the toxicogenomic effects on human genes exposed to various environmental stress factors.

Among our group of individuals, high levels of nanotechnology materials; smart dust, nano rods, nano anchors, nano claws/hooks, and gold nano particles were detected.

Another very curious anomaly was detected in an 8 year old who had never traveled out of the country and never been inoculated. The child had somehow been exposed to Syndehams Cholera and 2 different Typhoid Fever signatures as well as the protein markers for Simian Monkey Virus, Bubonic Plague, and Meniere's disease.

This supports the growing research tying the Morgellons syndrome to exposure with, including but not limited to, genetically modified organisms, gene delivery systems and nanotech materials.

Our team has been looking to the skies for the answer to how some of these toxins are infiltrating our body and we are met with a huge group of concerned scientists, alternative practitioners, environmentalists and regular folks just like you and me.

Ask the right questions and you will get the answers and solutions.

The following timeline is an excerpt from the full report written by Dr. Ben Colodizin and presented at the 2010 Health Freedom USA War Council.

This story starts with government policies/laws on various aerial spraying operations over the last 7 decades.

This paper forms a theory that connects these aerial events to the newly emerging health hazards revealing conditions of hyper-toxicity. All diseases are continuing to increase, especially in the US. This includes Morgellons, Brain Fog, Chronic fatigue, and multiple Auto immune deficiencies and Neurotoxicity issues.

1949: The first use of aerial spray operations under State and Federal mandates for vector control (insects, virus, etc.) beginning under the Geneva Act for Chemical and Biological Weapons of 1949.

1954-1975: “Vietnam Era” U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia leads to military research, development, and deployment of aerial spray operations for a wide variety of military objectives on the largest scale yet seen, with the application of Agents Orange, Blue, White, Pink and Purple, etc., to millions of acres of Southeast Asian territory.

1974: U.S. Navy Secretary, acting for U.S. Government, patents a highly efficient powder contrail dispersing technology for emitting from high and low altitude aircraft.

1989: The Treaty of Open Skies (TOS) is initiated by George H.W. Bush. This proposal will allow foreign pilots flying on United Nations aircraft to legally overfly U.S. territory; presumably to verify military data as per START international agreements.

1992: The Open Skies Treaty (TOS) is signed in Helsinki (signed for USA by Secretary of Defense, James Baker).

1993: TOS is officially ratified by the U.S. Senate.

March 2001: Retired U.S. Army General Al Cuppett, a former insider of the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, blows whistle to U.S. military Central Command about the presence of Russian (and possibly foreign national) pilots that are using United nations aircraft for their spray operations, conducted through aerial spray operations above the U.S. mainland. Cuppett alleges this activity dates back to 1993, when the Treaty on Open Skies was officially ratified by the U.S.

2001-2006: Samples are collected on the ground underneath aerial spray operations and analyzed by numerous civilian investigators in the USA (Idaho, GA, and other locations), The samples reveal a wide variety of heavy metals, toxic chemical compounds, bioengineered fungi, and other biological active materials in the samples collected.

2005: The Weather Modification Research and Technology Act further legitimizes and expands rationale for aerial spray operation above the U.S. mainland. Thus, the Act includes regulatory statutes for vector control and mass aerial immunizations in addition to weather modification dispersion of specific chemical “chad materials.”

2006: Samples of fibers and other materials are removed and collected from 24 participants, located in various global locations. All 24 participants are reported to have anomalous Morgellons-like symptoms.

The samples were sent to Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and analyzed by four (4) independent laboratories.

Initial findings determine that the fibers are silicone based with a two part polyester resin of acryolin and methylmethacrylates. The findings also reveal no biological substances are present. Subsequent findings from these and additional samples taken from individuals within a wide geographical area of distribution all indicate the presence of advanced nano materials.

The nano materials are found to contain elements of patented weapons-grade nano materials. These weapons grade nano technologies are found in fibers removed from lesions in humans, as well as in fibrous “cotton candy” like material collected on the ground and observed floating down through the sky after aerial spraying operation in Texas, USA.

January 2009 – present: Obama Administration continues aforementioned policies of previous administrations. The consciousness that deploys aerial spraying operations against the American population does not seem to be much affected by the change in administration.

March 2009: Dave Larson, former CIA biomedical technology program contractor, alleges that implantable biomedical devices have been deployed domestically for surveillance and torture under secret program reinstated by George H.W. Bush in 1988 and running unchecked and unreported to Congress through March 2009. Also alleges that government polices on the ‘war on terror” and detention were crafted specifically to avoid criminal prosecution for illegal use of these technologies against Americans.

June 2009: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) develops a text on the Guidelines for Advanced Nano Materials Exposure and Toxicology. It states that the document and toxicological risk assessments on advanced nano materials will be completed in 2013.

June 2009: Studies by College of Environmental Science and engineering, Ocean University, Qingdao, China show that manufactured nanoparticles can be toxic via interaction with proteins and enzymes, demonstrating these nanoparticles may have neurotoxicity.

Despite the arguments around the 'hidden agendas' for stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering, aerial spraying or chem trail activity, the most important fact to remember is the increased risk factors to both our physical health and the environmental health of our planet.

Our rate of exposure to ultra-fine aluminum, polymer and sulfur materials, barium, advanced nano materials, and pesticides is increasing and it appears this geo-engineering strategy has been deploying them into our atmosphere for decades.

Far Infrared Therapy is the first and foremost tool in our ‘Recover Now’ protocol and the science is extraordinary as to ‘why’. Far Infrared is not a convection or conduction heat, it is ‘Radiant’ heat which stimulates the cells to flush out toxins and increase circulation and proper cell function.

Pure far infrared technology accelerates the ability of our body to heal, because it is the same energy 'heat source' from which all life sprang forth.

Want to learn more on how we recovered? Please visit our section on How To Recover Now and begin employing alternative health strategies that can help flush toxins and hazardous materials to restore health and vitality again, and again, and again.

Our latest testimonial…

“My God I am feeling absolutely terrific after week 1.

I bought this (heating pad) because someone said "geo-engineering" uses a nano technology (and other toxins) which is getting in our bodies. I was already healthy, no pain or problems breathing - - but you know what problem I always had..... my head was feeling woozy like I had a sinus infection - which in turn gave me a small headache.

I never considered that a health issue - just figured it was normal. After directing the pad at my chest/shoulders/head I've felt so relieved, my head is finally "in the game".

Brandon Dean, Morgantown WV

To read the entire re-print of the Dr. Colodzin's paper, please visit:


Wang, Z., Shao, J., Li, Fl, Gao, D., and B. Xing. “Absorption and Inhalation of Acetylcholinesterse by Different Nanoparticles.” College of Environmental Science and engineering. Ocean University of China. Qingdao, China. Chemical Sensitivity Network. © June 19, 2009.

Major Scott Dickson, U.S. Air Force, April 2007 Blue Horizon Paper at the Center for Strategy and Technology, Air War College: ENABLING BATTLESPACE PERSISTENT SURVEILLANCE: THE FORM, FUNCTION, AND FUTURE OF SMART DUST.

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National Research Council. Critical Issues in Weather Modification Research. The National Academies Press. Washington, D.C. © 2008

Ben Colodzin, December 2009

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