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Infrared Sauna Benefits

We are back in the Far Infrared Sauna business and our cabins are now manufactured in the US.

Click on 1 Person Sauna or 2-3 Person Far Infrared Sauna to learn about our special offer to celebrate the good news.

A Miracle Story of Far Infrared Therapy
A 5 year old girl named Emma, is playing in the yard when a 300 pound branch falls on her right side, crushing her pelvis, legs, and torso. Read more...

What Is A GMO, GM Food, and GM Seeds?
Genetically modified foods and organisms aka GMOs have had specific changes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering techniques.

Controversy over the true safety of using GMOs in food is a global debate. Read More...

Morgellons Disease
3 Years after Ramona's battle with Morgellons Disease, she is still 100% recovered... Hear her message of hope...

Morgellons Treatment
The Healing Grapevine Team is 100% confident that FULL recovery is possible. We identify 10 major problems... Read more...

Morgellons Symptoms Body Bugs
Trisha Springstead, a registered nurse and member of our team, shared this video that featured her work several years ago by Fox Television in Florida. Read more...

Lyme The Diagnostic Nightmare
Dr. Savely is one of the few experts on the front lines for both Lyme disease and Morgellons and she supports the idea there is a Lyme connection with Morgellons. Read more...

How To Recover Now!


These Products And Methods Worked For Me And                          Can For You Too!

Our mission with the Healing Grapevine will always be to offer a deeper understanding to the root causes of dis-ease. We believe with this knowledge, anyone can employ the solutions and recover their health and vitality.

The Healing Grapevine has a message of hope and truth about our health. Self knowledge and self empowerment will guide the way.

Whether we want to recover our health or simply live a healthy life; it requires an active decision. Being healthy is not only physical but a mindset as well. Choosing to be healthy and making healthy choices, is the way.

Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Environmentally, Spiritually, Globally

Health Solutions

Unhealthy side effects from medications will not lead to a healthy future!

Herein lies the science behind our list of alternative, endorsed products that our team has personally experienced and employed for recovery from Lyme, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Morgellons, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, etc.

We look for Health Solutions which support the functions of our extraordinary immune system rather than add poison and reactive stressors that can cause further harm. We believe in resourcing our natural balance and cellular communication system to maintain health and vitality.

Employing deep flushing natural protocols and re-balancing our internal bio terrain is essential for helping combat disease of any kind.

EVERYTHING we eat, drink, touch, and inhale (including air) can affect our state of health!

Visit this section by clicking Health Solutions above.

Health Hazards

The truth is, we live in an ever growing toxic world.

Starting from conception, our health is directly affected by an environment that grows more polluted everyday. We are pushing the boundaries of our consumer driven technology and understanding of the physical universe to harness more energy, discover more food sources, and pursue longevity... all of this, for the sake of obtaining "more".

So what's the problem with that?

We are paying a huge price for many of our unregulated desires.

All chronic diseases are on the rise - let's name a few.

  • Cancer
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Allergies
  • Autism Spectrum disorders
  • Auto-immune disorders
  • Asthma
  • Our natural biological processes, which help maintain our health, are failing and we are becoming more and more dependent on medicines to operate our organs properly.

    This doesn't make any sense to us.

    Our series of articles on the current diseases, including Lyme, Lupus, Morgellons, and multitude of auto-immune disorders, reveal interesting patterns of hyper-toxicity as the real enemy to our health.

    Learn more by clicking Health Hazards above.

    Recover Now

    Release The Toxins, Recover The Light™ states our mission and vision for a future free from unhealthy situations of all kinds that apparently make us victims. Our current system has lost its ability to help us.

    In our Recover Now area, we outline detox programs that are working and present the information crucial for self healing and empowerment.

    From this expanded understanding, we realize the need to broaden our resources and network with professionals who are not only thinking outside the box of conventional care but who have the integrity to speak in a passionate voice demanding for us all, the right to choose alternative and holistic modalities and products proven to support our vitality, not add to our demise.

    Whether it is Morgellons, Lyme, MRSA, or the next catch-all syndrome we are going to be challenged by, our ever expanding team is dedicated to asking the questions that lead to the answers for us all.

    Great change is upon us. The time is short. It is time to learn the evolution of events as a process, and accept of the inevitability of change.

    Visit this section by clicking Recover Now above.

    Our Passion

    We genuinely hope this website proves to be your resource for truth, knowledge, and greater understanding concerning all your health issues.

    We believe that everyone is capable of discovering and enhancing their true state of being as ALIVE, JOYOUS humans. The first steps are to passionately participate with life. For those who desire this, we are here to help.

    We, in no way, intend for the information on this site to take the place of regular medical treatments or in any way represent all of our team to be licensed medical practitioners. Please don't use this information to diagnose or develop a treatment plan for a health problem or disease without consulting a qualified health care provider. If you are in a life-threatening or emergency medical situation, seek medical assistance immediately.

    ~Healing Grapevine Team


    Hi Ramona, THANK YOU so much for what you are doing here for all of us who have suffered from this disease. Every day I am regaining more and more of my health but I was desperate and I believe the human spirit is strong but, as you know, it is very difficult when everyone around you is doubting your sanity. I chose to be an advocate for my own health... thank you for providing a site for those who choose to do the same. My gratitude cannot be expressed enough.

    Thank you for this! - BW

    Self Responsibility Waiver:
    Any individual that uses any one of the suggestions found on this website is responsible for knowing his or her own sensitivities or allergies to anything recommended within a program.

    How To Recover Now!


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    Healing Tips

    Cleaning With Tea Tree Oil

    One of our favorite non-toxic cleaning solutions is to mix 20-30 drops of Tea Tree Oil into 6 oz of water.

    Put it in a spray bottle and use everywhere; kitchens, bathrooms, floors, spot cleaning, etc.

    The Cancer killing power of Lemons.

    Researchers are discovering some amazing facts about lemons and how the properties found in lemons are killing cancer cells in the lab.

    When I read this, I decided to start adding lemon in my water for alkalizing my system and then rubbing the pulp on sun damage spots on my face, chest, and hands.

    The discoloration is fading and anything that is raised is peeling off!

    Finding supplements that are created from our 'food matrix' or are plant-based is better than isolates from a lab.

    Eat an orange with that Vitamin C you just popped to ensure all the components are there for your body's needs.

    For those individuals that need a sulfur supplement, we recommend seeking food sources.

    Taking 1 Tblsp of Black Strap Molasses for 10 days will help re-build your deficiency.

    Other food sources are kale, cabbage, cauliflower, horseradish, cranberries, meat, fish, egg yolks, onion, and garlic.